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Instantâneos: AMOR (Portugal) – IMPROV SHOW

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What is love?
Does love has a color?
What´s the smell of love?
Are we destined to love?
Does love ends?

AMOR, will take the audience to an unexpected and oneiric journey, inspired on the answers to a simple question “What is love?”.
The show will turn into a bohemian conversation, filled with cliché musical moments, painted in pink colour.
Throughout 50 minutes of improvised scenes, we will dive into the depths of the meaning of this four-letter word that rules the universe.

Performers: Marco Graça, Nuno Fradique, Ricardo Soares
(Dániel Szőllősi musician)


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2023-11-05 @ 19:00 to
2023-11-05 @ 20:00

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